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  • Monday, May 03, 2010

New Shiloh Morning Inn Photos

Soon we will have new photos of the Shiloh Morning Inn!!

Mathew and Mark — two very talented, professional guys from Jumping Rocks Photography – were here for several days taking photos of the Shiloh Morning Inn. How honored we were to have them!

When they first arrived, before they even unloaded the bags from their car, they requested a tour of the 73 acres and our guestrooms/cottages. As we showed them around, they began taking notes, creating a plan for their photos…everything depended on the sun and lighting.

Up at sunrise the next morning, they were out on the property capturing some beautiful photos of the grounds. Later in the day, they started photographing the guestrooms. They graciously allowed me to hang out with them for the day. I even had the wonderful opportunity to become their ‘assistant’, helping to gather together whatever they needed to get their perfect shot, e.g., vases, flowers, decorative pillows. The talented genious of these photographers was amazing to watch. They obviously understand well the impact of object placement and lighting.

It took three full days of intense work, but in the end, they took over 1300 photos! Within a couple of weeks, we should have the best of these beautiful photos…and our website will show the true spirit of the Shiloh Morning Inn.

Before they left, we were able to take Mathew and Mark out to dinner at one of our favorite Ardmore restaurants, Cafe’ Alley. Not only did they love the decor, they thoroughly enjoyed the food. Thank you Samantha and Jasyn for a delicious meal!

Below are some ‘teaser’ photos for you to enjoy.

~ Until Next Time, Jessica

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