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  • Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mugs! Mugs! Mugs!

Earlier this year, Dave and I attended our first national innkeepers’ conference. Being new to the innkeeping profession, we felt it was important for us to make this trip…and we are so glad we did! While there, we had the wonderful opportunity to meet the talented Deneen family, who produce handmade stoneware. In business since 1972, this family had been supplying the Shiloh Morning Inn with beautiful hand-thrown mugs for years. The Shiloh’s previous owners, Bob & Linda Humphrey, had told us how much they enjoyed working with this family. We were very impressed with the Deneens as well.

Meeting them face-to-face at this conference gave Dave and I the opportunity to learn more about their business and to see — up close — the color and design choices they offer. We knew we wanted to update the look of our mugs and, with their expert advice, we decided on a new art design and three new colors. We also decided to add a new mug shape to the Inn’s collection.

After weeks of anticipation, our newly-designed mugs have arrived. How fun it has been to open up the boxes and pull each one out! They are amazing and have been well received by our guests.

New things are happening at the Shiloh Morning Inn…Come see us!

Until Next Time, Jessica

For more information about Deneen Pottery, please visit their website:

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